Friday, January 25, 2013

Working and working

A quick hit of news and then I might be silent for a while. 

I just finished final revisions on my second contemporary romance and have been crafting a synopsis and query letter for it, as well as doing some research on publishers.  I plan to submit it to at least three publishers this weekend.  I wanted to get this done two weeks ago because I knew that my first book would be coming back to me soon for edits.  And I heard from my editor (whee, I have an editor!) that she hoped to have the manuscript to me this weekend for me to do whatever I needed to do since it is supposed to be done (done! Whee!) by February 11.

Since I have no idea what is involved in this process, I thought it would be best to polish up another MS before I had to edit, and I have.  Now I just have to work up the courage to actually send it to editors.  It is very nerve-wracking to follow the submission guidelines for different publishers.  And after you've read and re-read and edited something over and over again, you start to think it is not at all original or interesting or even readable.  So I am going to have to just take deep breaths and hit that send button a few times this weekend. 

I will update the blog when I have actually sent it off, and if anyone is interested I will put up some excerpts or character descriptions later.  And I have plans to post a blog entry or two on writing sex scenes.  When I'm not editing, of course.

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