Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Franklin Park Conservatory

Earlier this month we made a trip to the Franklin Park Conservatory. It was my son's birthday request, which surprised me considering all the more noisy and commercialized entertainments he could have chosen. Maybe he loves the place for the same reasons I do; peaceful environment, waterfalls, butterflies, an abundance of nature. In any case, here are a few photos I took on this latest visit.
A bald cypress bonsai dating from 1843
Buckeye butterflies on a bird of paradise bloom


Gingko bonsai


Golden Helicon on lantana

Common Sergeant

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raffle Madness

A sampling of lovely raffle baskets

I have returned from my first-ever Reader Author Get Together. It’s Tuesday as I write this and only today have I felt like myself. It was an overwhelming experience that I’ll soon discuss with another post but first I want to talk about a wonderful part of it; the Raffle.

Every year, authors, readers, publishers, you name it, donate gifts to a raffle at this event. This year, there were over 250 items donated and they raised more than 13,000 dollars for a charity, One Way Farm Children’s Home,

Since I only have one book out at this time, and my second isn’t going to be available until fall, I spent some time trying to come up with something interesting. Since I don’t shop at Bath and Body Works, a basket of spa items was out, so I decided to offer up the chance to name a character in my next published book. I thought it would be a fun prize for someone and I would enjoy sharing the experience of submitting, editing, designing cover art, and finally release day with an interested person.

My prize was drawn in the final round Saturday night. I stuck around despite being very tired and was excited to meet the winner, Joyce Boyd (Hi Joyce!). Joyce and I are going to work through this process together and I’ll be sure to post updates as they occur.

Here’s the first one; I met with two editors at RAGT, both requested full manuscripts, and I have sent those and synopses out as of today. Whew! It’s stressful to prep a submission because you want to re-read the whole manuscript for the umpteenth time, you second guess yourself and your story, and when the panic really hits, you try to think of reasons NOT to send the thing to anyone because you fear rejection. But I have overcome all those obstacles, hit the send button twice, and plan to celebrate tomorrow with a nice lunch out. Then it will be weeks of waiting and checking my email constantly and when I do get a message, being afraid to open it because of the aforementioned fear of rejection.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I didn’t win anything. I never win anything.

my raffle prize...kinda cute

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jitters and Guilt

These roses are pretty but my thoughts are not
I'm putting up a last blog post before I head off to my first romance writer/reader convention this weekend. This has been a difficult week with a death in my family and the rising tide of mommy guilt because I'll be away from my son for three days. At this point I'm doubting it's all worth it and I'm afraid I'll come home on Sunday exhausted, impoverished, and completely disillusioned. I'm a planner, and part of planning is anticipating the worst so this could be pessimism talking, but the negative feelings are getting to me and I'm hardly in an excited, anticipatory mood.
Part of my problem is my current WIP is reaching a hard place to write as I'm going to kill off a likable character and this puts my heroine in terrible pain. That's no fun to look forward to, and I haven't figured out how I'm going to get her and the hero to their first sexyfuntime so I don't have that as my reward for writing the sad stuff first. I think I'm going to bring the computer along with me so if the convention is too painful and awkward I can at least hide in the hotel room and get a little writing done. That's delusional I know.
Another part of my problem is my son's birthday is tomorrow and he's growing up. He's already reading, sarcastic, and independent, entirely ready for every day and all the fun it promises. I miss my little boy though.
I told my husband tonight I just need a win, even a little one, and I'll bounce back with some of the determination I depend on to keep me going.