Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blurb after rewrites

This blurb was not as painful to create as I'd anticipated.  Of course, maybe it's really bad and I should have suffered more for my art:

Lydia Back has problems; a dead end job cataloging artifacts no one wants to see, an office in a dusty basement storage room, and she’s just discovered that her friend is missing.  Adding to her frustration is the arrival of a too-charming private investigator who needs her help.
Carter Harris has no problems; he has his own successful business and is enjoying a few days in a scenic southern Ohio town gathering information on a missing professor.  But his local contact turns out to be an uncooperative woman who prefers traipsing around the forest to having a civilized conversation with him.
While working together, they begin to uncover the secrets that lurk under the surface of other people’s lives and also discover an inconvenient attraction.  When danger looms, Carter and Lydia realize it will be impossible to survive without each other.
There you go, my 142 word blurb for Bent Boot Road.  Many thanks to my proofreading husband for his suggestions.
Otherwise, not much to report on the writing front today other than continuing my cover art quest.  I am not finding time to write lately.  Or should I say, outside forces are conspiring to make many of my days emotionally trying and it is so hard to feel creative when I'm blue.  And a few quiet hours of my own just haven't been possible lately.  Therefore nothing is being written down.  BUT I am reading which is recharging my batteries so I know that there will be a great idea and an irresistible urge to write it down very soon.

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