Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Ha!  That was only three days late.  But I've been busy taking out the trash and doing laundry and cooking pork chops with mushroom sauce and WRITING (over 3,500 words in the last two days, thanks mom and dad!).
My plan for this blog is to first, develop a plan.  Which means I have to get out my brand new 2013 calendar and create a schedule for myself.  But I felt like writing a little bit tonight just to make my mark on the new year. 
The second part of my plan here is to explain how I even came to this point; becoming a published author.  It has been an unusual experience.  And maybe it will make more sense to me if I write it down, or should I say, blog it. 
But the main news is that a book I wrote will be published soon and I plan on revealing the process as it happens to me.  But first a little teaser of an image that relates to my book-Eastern United States Woodland:

Isn't it romantic?File:Forest-Creek-Eagleville-PA-USA.jpg

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