Sunday, January 20, 2013

Self Promotion and Swag

So I'm going to take a short break from writing about writing and instead tell you a bit about the business side of this new profession of mine.
First is online presence, which I am trying to rapidly accumulate before March.  I never had a website, blog, or did much with Facebook before now. No time, no interest, and if I'm going to sit and look at a computer screen I'm going to be writing, researching, or shopping.  But all of that is changing and this blog is a perfect example.  I have to decide what to do about Facebook for 'me' since I don't do much for the actual me and being responsive under the guise of my pen name will feel strange.  But I digress.  Back to self-promotion and swag.
I have been trying to schedule some online 'appearances' in March which is when my book is due and luckily will be guesting on a couple of blogs. I will also increase my Facebook posts then, and I have to figure out what sort of advertising I can do/afford.  But I have also scheduled a couple of personal appearances, one in May at a book festival, and I hope to attend an author/reader event in June (more on that once I am officially registered. Self-promotion.  Sounds a little naughty).  But meeting people face to face requires some sort of physical item that I can give away.  I won't have a print book available since that is due in September, so I have been debating other sorts of swag.  Business cards, trading cards, post cards, bookmarks, pens, I have seen a lot of examples and have to decide what I am going to design, order, and purchase.  I think refrigerator magnets are out because who looks at a major kitchen appliance and thinks book recommendation?  At this point I know I want easy to read titles and text, and not murky colors.
Do any of you have a preference of what sort of swag you like when you chat with an author?

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