Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Small steps

I think I'll hold off on the next chapter of my journey just to do a quick information update on what I have done the last two days.
-created a Facebook page for Lynn Rae.  This was odd because I was creating it for my pen name and not myself.  What will Lynn Rae 'like'?  It's hard to know.
-disliked the last five pages I wrote in my latest piece enough that I decided to start the whole scene over.  I was in the groove on this last week after the enforced writer's block of the holidays, but I am not liking where it is going again.  It's something I think I need to subconsciously chew on.  My heroine is just too understanding and it is getting me nowhere.
-wrote a blurb for the book to be published.  I have been putting this off because I was intimidated but managed to come up with 143 words in between lots of interruptions over the course of a half hour tonight.  If I like it by tomorrow, I'll be posting it.
-found out that my book has been sent to the editor.  Yikes!  I fear for how badly marked up it will be.
-suffered through a computer nervous breakdown yesterday evening-the only time I had to write was taken away by a malfunctioning piece of equipment.  That on top of not liking how my story was going made me a very upset woman.
-now I need to get serious about cover design too.  This has been hard for me to envision despite my interest in art, photography, and visual design in general.  I'm just blanking other than knowing I don't want any shaved male chests.  Do not like those at all.  Or thin women in leather pants and a tank top with long hair swirling unrestrained.  I have been thin, I have had long hair that didn't actually swirl, I have worn leather pants, and I have worn tank tops but these components are too ubiquitous on covers.

So, hopefully more productivity tomorrow, both for my WIP and my publishing responsibilities.

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