Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Swim as Fast as You Can

Today was a good writing day!  I really cracked in to the final scenes I need to complete to finish my NaNo book and if all goes well I will have the majority of it done by the end of the week and can start to polish it up next week.  Just a few thousand words to go and considering I got in over 1500 today, it is doable. 
That’s good because my brain is not directed towards something new right now.  I am assuming it is because I know my book will be out next month and I don’t know what to expect so my subconscious is keeping everything a clean slate for the time being.  Other than finishing this NaNo book.  Which I really like.  Have I said that before?
One thing I really need to decide on is an excerpt.  It is very hard for me to settle on this because I know the story so well that every scene makes sense but of course that isn’t true for anyone else.  Hopefully my editor can make a few suggestions on something that will stand out for a reader.  There is so much involved in producing a book and I feel like I am only staying a half a step ahead of everything as it comes due.
In non-writing news; had a delicious lunch with my son at our favorite Indian restaurant.  He loves the Naan and I love the mixed pickle and paneer palak.  And we bought two mollies to add to our community tank.  The fish are frantically looking for a way out of their new aquarium and I hope they will calm down by tomorrow or I’m going to start feeling guilty for buying them and taking them away from all of their friends.

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