Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Official!

I just signed a contract with Musa Publishing for my second book, tentatively titled Return and equally tentatively scheduled for release something in the fall of 2013.
This is very exciting!  I got the offer last Friday and was in sort of a fog the whole holiday weekend but yesterday it sank in, especially after I read through the contract and signed it on Tuesday.  Legalese will make you pay attention.  And it’s a good contract and I am happy with it and they seem happy with my book so all is very well.
Somehow this submission was more stressful than my first, probably because last fall I had zero idea what to do or expect.  This time I was a little more aware of how the process worked and how likely it was that I would be rejected.  And that’s been one of the strange things about my path to this place.  I haven’t gone into any of these things with much trepidation.  I started to write on a whim, went to a writing conference because I wanted to have some time around other adults, decided to pitch to editors on pure impulse, and then it all seemed to take off for me.  So I am going to continue approaching this whole authorship gig with as much lightness of spirit as I can muster.

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