Monday, February 4, 2013

Editing Two

Oh, so it is Superbowl Sunday and I am not watching the game which means I can do a little writing.  I finished the initial edits on my book this weekend and overall it was a good experience.  Before I started them I’d already printed out a hard copy and made a bunch of corrections. My editor didn’t ask for many changes and so it was more a matter of going through and changing what I’d already noticed was wrong.  I did have to write one scene from scratch because there was no transition between two other scenes, but in the end that was a good thing (I think) because it allowed me a chance to have my male protagonist come to a realization about how he is feeling.  So good there.
I noticed some style issues in my writing, such as I tend to use my adjectives in pairs at the end of the sentence after a comma.  For example:
She held the mug of coffee and took a sip, steaming and bitter.
Fix that!  It’s awful!
She held the mug of coffee and took a bitter sip.
Better.  Coffee is usually served hot, so no need for ‘steaming’ unless having to drink cold coffee plays into it. And it's a little more interesting, is the coffee bitter or is she?  Hmm. I cleaned up a lot of that sort of thing.
Then, for a break, I started a re-read of the book I wrote for NaNo this year.  I like it and need to add some scenes and then I think it will be ready to polish and submit, perhaps in May.  Good there.
And I’m trying not to worry about the book I sent out last Saturday and wonder when/if I’ll hear anything back.  Things just seem to take so long I the publishing world.  I’m not used to it.  In my other professions, we had to get things done right away, mostly because I worked with the public and they do NOT like to be kept waiting.  So that’s part of the learning curve.
Some things I’d like to blog about this week; having a pen name and getting ideas.  Do those sound interesting?

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