Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ack! ACK!

All along I had thought that my release date for Bent Boot Road would be some time in March as per my contract.  So I’m working on all this new author/promotion/publishing stuff over the last few months; setting up a website, a blog, editing, writing a new scene and a blurb and a tagline, making arrangements with other newly met authors to be on their blogs to promote, etc.  All the usual overwhelming stuff.  This week as I am working on final edits I start to think I should maybe contact my publisher and see if they have a firm release date so I can include that in whatever I am sending out now.  But I’m busy with writing and bad weather and living my life (which seems to mostly consist of doing laundry and feeding people and animals) and I forgot.
I receive an email this afternoon to look over the final manuscript, write a dedication and bio and to get it back quickly because it WILL BE RELEASED ON FEBRUARY 25!!!!  Triple Ack!!
So look here on Monday to see if I can put in a  real live link to an actual book to actually buy.  Or at least an excerpt.

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