Saturday, February 23, 2013

Swaggerin' Swag

So what sort of swag would you like?  I have been looking at be-logoed pens, notepad, bookmarks, cards, pencils, basically all manner of office supplies.  I will need something because I am going to be out meeting the public this summer and I’ll have to have something to remind people of who I am a few minutes after they walk away from me.
I saw an advertisement for custom temporary tattoos today.  Now that would tend to stick on someone’s mind (actually skin)!  Ha ha, terrible pun, but an interesting idea if I wrote stories that featured tattooed characters.  But I don’t, so it seems a little out of character.  Ha, bad pun again.  But that is a unique idea.  And that’s what I want; something small, unique, and not too expensive. Hmm...
But back to the original question, what sort of swag would you like?

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