Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Hobbit or Where Has Thorin Been Hiding and How Can I Get There?

(I don't have the copyright to this photo and if anyone objects to it I will of course remove it with some sadness)

I finally saw it.  When you are a stay at home mom to a five year old, the free time to go and see a ‘grown-up’ movie is usually nil.  I’d wanted to see the Hobbit since I’d read that Peter Jackson had signed on to make it, so it’s been a long wait indeed for me.
So after picking up my son at pre-school, we went to a big box store that shall remain unnamed because I hate to shop there.  Truthfully, I would be willing to bet money that I have visited this or the other big box store no more than three times in the past couple of years. But my aversion to these stores is not really the topic for this post.  The Hobbit is the reason for this post. Ah-Hem!
And speaking of Ah-hem, where had Richard Armitage been for the last few years and why was I not looking there?  A real failure on my part to have only noticed him today.  Again, I have been missing out. I even indulged in a little fantasy involving hiking in New Zealand while wearing lots of leather and carrying a sword.  I’m sure that upon further viewing of the film I will develop this into a very vivid narrative.
Back to the movie.  Good.  Not sure that I like the deviations from the book which I just finished reading to my son in December.  It took about a month of bedtime reading to get through it, but it was worth it.  But having just re-read it, I was taken out of the film whenever they diverted from the ‘classic’ storyline.  I’m not saying the deviations were bad, it’s just that I noticed them.  But I was all for seeing lovely Frodo again. Martin Freeman did a great job and I was even further convinced that I was an elf in another life because; salads!
Oh, and for anyone who is wondering how I watched this movie with my five year old, the answer is called a fast forward button. I am like a Wild West gunslinger with that thing.

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