Monday, March 25, 2013

Mark Rothko has Themes and so do I

Yesterday we went to see the Mark Rothko exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art.  It was a very interesting retrospective of his work.  I ended up appreciating his later, more famous pieces after I was able to view his earlier work which the curators hung to allow the viewer see the evolution of some of his trademark themes.
It made me feel better about the themes I keep returning to in my writing.  I thought I was in a rut, but I realize that just like Rothko’s use of horizontal bands, floating backgrounds, and division of an image into parts, my elements of protagonists searching for something missing, men willing to speak their feelings first, and characters having jobs that interfere with their social lives are components of who I am as a writer.  Those are my building blocks and I shouldnt' be afraid to use them to build new tales every chance I get. Now what those themes say about me and my subconscious is anyone’s guess.  Also anyone’s guess is why in every story I’ve written, my female protagonist gets physically hurt.  It’s another common theme for me. Maybe it's just me working through some of my accident-prone anxiety.
In any case, if you are in Columbus, Ohio go see it.

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