Thursday, March 14, 2013

Busy Again!

At the beginning of the week I set some goals; continue editing my sci-fi romance, try to track down a local printer for my swag, finish up some promo stuff, plan my story for next month's NaNo.
Silly me to make plans!
Yesterday I received an email from the head editor at Musa  Publishing assigning the editor for my book and now I need to go through the whole manuscript and insert all the Musa house style rules that I can and get it to my editor.  And as I'm doing this I'm also fixing all sorts of little mistakes. Me being the overachiever that I am promised to have this done and turned in by the weekend.  I don't have to wonder at my mental stability, I am well aware that it rests upon the shifting sand of unreality.
Arg, so I now have so much work to do over the next three days and have exactly NO time in my schedule where I am not taking care of my son on my own.  Other than the few hours I have on Saturday to attend my local RWA chapter meeting (hey Central Ohio Fiction Writers!) thanks to my parents coming to babysit. But it would be rude to edit my book while attending a talk on time management.  I'd be a terrible example of taking on way more than a reasonable person should.
But I have to wonder, who finishes editing one book on February 23 and starts editing the next one on March 13?  Of the same year? Oh, right, me, that's who.

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