Sunday, March 10, 2013

Goals Please!

Since the past week has become such a total creative write off (ha ha, a pun!) for me, I have just decided to SET SOME GOALS to MOTIVATE myself. 
All I have really accomplished is rewrite about forty pages of a manuscript that I remain on the fence about.  I have suggestions from a new critique partner, which is a first for me and I have truly enjoyed making changes and improving the story based on her great suggestions.  BUT it is more tiring to edit than it is to write fresh, at least for me, so I really need to do something creative this week or I'll feel like the well is dry. Plus I'll keep editing this story and hope that I start to gain some confidence about it.  It is SFR and I am very insecure about my sci-fi writing chops, so I might never send it out.  Which would make spending all of this time on it a huge waste. Ah well.

On to GOALS.  Hm, I thought if I typed that in all caps it would impress me a bit more. Not working yet.

-continue to develop my story for NaNoWriMo in April.  I had contemplated writing something a little different for that but my lack of confidence lately is shooting that in the foot so I think I'll work on a contemporary story.

-finish editing the sixty pages of my SFR that have comments and send some more to my critique partner.  If she still wants to work with me.

-get some quotes on producing some swag locally.  I want to go to a local printshop if possible, but that means finding one within a reasonable distance.  Hm again.

Those are doable.  If only daylight savings time/cooking/laundry/childcare/personal hygiene/moody disagreements/grocery shopping hadn't wiped me out today I could get started tonight.

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