Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Secret Cravings Blog Hop

Did you get a new tablet or e-reader for the holidays?
Looking to fill it with some great books?
Looking to romance away the winter blahs?
Then stop by all the great SCP authors blogs for a chance to win some great romance novels?

Go to EVERY SCP author link and find the letters to spell out Secret Cravings Publishing
Each author has been assigned a letter. Look for the snowflake with that author's letter and once you have spelled out the phrase, email your answers (match up the letter to the author*) to

*Some letters are used twice but that just means two authors have the same letter. You cannot use the same author for the same letter.

Aside from the individual authors' special prizes, SCP has some great prizes to offer too

Grand Prize- iPad 2
First Place- Kindle HDX
Second Place- $50 SCP gift certificate
Third Place- $25 SCP gift certificate
Head back to the main page here:

Winners will be notified by February 4, 2014
In addition to collecting your letters and reporting back to Secret Cravings for a chance at all those great prizes, leave a comment here for a chance to win my SCP book, Bent Boot Road


Lydia Back has problems; a dead end job cataloging artifacts no one wants to see, an office in a dusty basement storage room, and she’s just discovered that her friend is missing.  Adding to her frustrationis the arrival of a too-charming private investigator who needs her help.
Carter Harris has no problems; he has his own successful business and is enjoying a few days in a scenic southern Ohio town to gather information on a missing professor.  But his local contact turns out to be an uncooperative woman who prefers traipsing around in the forest to having a civilized conversation with him.
They begin to uncover the secrets that lurk under the surface of other people’s lives and also discover an inconvenient attraction.  When danger looms, both Carter and Lydia realize it will be impossible to survive without each other.


  1. Hi Lynn--I hope during the hop you'll tell us about Bent Boot Road. Also, you might want to add the link to go back to the main site M. S.

  2. Love meeting new authors! Thanks for participating and giving me a chance to win!

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the other link, M.S. Spencer, it's been added.
    Good to meet you too, Kim Cornwell.

  4. Thank You! It's been fun reading some of you blog post..

  5. Thank you Lynn for the chance in the giveaway.

  6. This has been fun thanks for the chance -Natalie Townson

  7. Thanks for the fun and the giveaway!

  8. Thanks for the chance

  9. Thanks for participating in this fun blog hop.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  10. Lynn, I stopped by to say hi and thanks for hopping! Your book sounds cool, and I love the title.

  11. I dropped by to say Hello, and great to meet you. Like the sound of your book and wishing you great success.

  12. Thanks for being part of this hop! I love finding "new to me" authors! Your book sounds like it'll be great! Definitely on my list now!

  13. Great post :)
    Not entering, just saying hi :)

  14. Thank you for this opportunity to get your story Bent Boot Road. Sounds like it would be one that once started would be hard to put down. Just what I like :)

  15. This sounds great! I cant wait to check it out! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for being apart of this fantastic hunt! Have a great day!