Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome Secret Cravings Publishing Blog Hoppers

Greetings visitors from the Secret Cravings Blog Hop. I hope you are having a great time visiting all the author blogs and you are discovering new books to try.
My book, Bent Boot Road, is a sweet contemporary about a young woman with a chip on her shoulder and the patient man who falls for her while they search for her missing friend. Their adventure takes place a small college town, the urban environment of Columbus, Ohio, and the forests of southeastern part of the state. These three locations make me wonder, are you a country, small-town, or city person?  Make a comment below for a chance to receive an e-copy of Bent Boot Road.
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  1. I'm definitely a country girl. I don't like crowded places that I can get lost, so I'd never be happy in a big city.

  2. I like living in a small town that's not TOO far away from the city:)

  3. i love the big city....couldn't survive in the country

  4. I already have this book in my TBR pile, But happy Hopping!

  5. That's an interesting question. I was born and reared in a VERY big city and I have lived in very small towns. I'm definitely NOT a country girl. Now I'm in the perfect place--a medium-sized coastal town that is cosmopolitan in a lot of ways, with museums, symphony, galleries, and LOTS of terrific local restaurants.
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  6. I'm a city girl, pretty much always have been. I wouldn't mind living in a small town somewhere though, I think getting away from the sites and sounds of the big city would do wonders to a person!


  7. I am a city girl all the way!!