Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweet Saturday Samples

Hello and welcome all visitors from the Sweet Saturdays Sample blog. I’d like to share a PG-13 excerpt from my first novel, Bent Boot Road. It’s available on Amazon, B&N, ARe, and from the publisher’s website, Sweet Cravings Publishing.

The next morning, Carter placed a call to the local detective and discovered that there was nothing new to report. He was not surprised but he was pleased that the detective didn’t seem to have any objections to him continuing his independent inquiry. It saved the detective the trouble of doing some work himself. Carter didn’t care, he was feeling like they were getting close. And thinking of they, he began to consider Back again. Not that he’d really stopped thinking about her since he’d met her two days ago. He wasn’t sure what was going on in his subconscious. Get real, of course he knew what was going on, but she was fascinating him more and more. Her mind worked in mysterious ways and ever since she’d run her fingers through his hair he was desperate for her to touch him again. He kept bringing her back to his room, hoping that she would jump him. It hadn’t worked yet. Maybe if he fed her some more, something sticky that would require some licking of fingers she’d be overcome with lust and make a move.

Why was he being so pathetic? He was fully capable of seducing a woman, why was Lydia Back intimidating him? Carter shook his head and in an ironic effort to stop thinking about her, called her house from memory. When she answered, voice blurred and sleepy, his throat closed for a moment and he castigated himself for being such a fool.

“Back, you ready to go?”

“Who is this?”

“Carter Harris. Were you expecting someone else?”

“I’m always expecting something other than what I get. Eternal disappointment is my lot in life.” She sounded as dour as a heavily laden camel in the desert. She was such an Eeyore.

“Sorry to keep the streak alive Back, but we have work to do.”

“Frickity frack, is it really 8:45?” she croaked and he heard her shifting around. Visions of arms and legs tangled in rumpled sheets filled his brain. The ultra male part of his brain chanted “sleep with me sleep with me”, but that part of his brain was of no use while working. In fact, that part of his brain hadn’t been out to play in a long time.

 “Heavens to Betsy I slept late. You are wearing me out, Harris.” She sighed and he wanted to ask her to start talking dirty.

“I have some good ideas for today. Let’s have some breakfast and make plans.” Syrup was sticky, so waffles or pancakes could work. And then there was whipped cream….

“Gotta shower or something first. I’ll meet you somewhere in a half an hour.” Then she groaned and he lost track of the conversation for a moment as her moan vibrated somewhere deep in his ear. Focus, focus, focus, he ordered himself.

“It only takes you a half an hour to get ready?”

“Yeah Harris, a half an hour. It’s not that complicated to wash off and cover myself with clothes. What kind of women do you hang out with?”

Don’t answer that, the more civilized part of his brain interjected. “The kind of women who like to ride in cars and not hike everywhere like a Sherpa.”

“Ah, passive and squashy.” She sniped back and he grinned. He was going to miss her caustic wit when he returned to Columbus.

“Can you really be here in half an hour?” And no, he was not going to order room service despite great, overriding, massive temptation. They would eat in the restaurant like normal people.

“Yep, if you let me get off the line sometime this week.”

“Done, meet me in the restaurant.” A dial tone was her farewell and Carter decided to contemplate his depleted wardrobe. If he had to stay here much longer he’d need to go shopping. He could only imagine the look of dismay on Lydia’s face if he told her that. So far she wasn’t very impressed with his style, so it was unlikely that any of his current clothing would prompt her to fling herself at him in a state of uncontrolled arousal. What apparel did she like? Flannel shirts and ripped jeans? Baggy corduroys and tweed jackets with elbow patches? Maybe she was turned on by pipe-smoking. It was too horrible to contemplate.


I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Carter and Lydia’s story. Would you like to read more? Here are the buy links;


  1. Loved the one-sided sexual tension and residing in his mind. Beautifully constructed, you sucked me right in. Might have to buy this one.